'The Heretic' OUT NOW


Essex based Existentialist is a 5-piece Blackened Death Metal band who are wholly cementing themselves as serious players in the scene.  Their debut album ‘Prophet of Ignorance’, released in 2020, demonstrates the bands technicality, musicianship and above all, heaviness.  The combination of the dark vocals, aggressive guitars, intense drumming and sinister orchestral sections creates a beautifully morbid blend of noise. With the release of the Sophomore album ‘The Heretic’ through current label Seek & Strike records, the band demonstrates the evolution of their current sound. 

Formed in 2015 by Jonny (guitar) and Olly (drums), they were later joined in 2018 by Phill (bass) and Sam (lead guitar). The Lineup was completed in 2019 with the addition of vocalist Patty allowing the release of the debut album "Prophet of Ignorance" in December 2020. A wide range of influences have helped the band to develop a complex sound drawing from a variety of genres. 
If you would like Existentialist to play at your event or venue, please email: existentialistUK@gmail.com or use the 'Booking and Enquires' form in the menu. 
Online store, social media and major streaming links can be found on LinkTree

"If you like modern Death Metal with some seriously violent vocals and maybe even some slam influence, you'll want to hear this - and fast" - NEW FURY MEDIA

"Seriously Incredible. The musicianship all together is spot on" - BREAKDOWN CENTRAL

" Their raw and ripped open sounds distinguishes them for many in the pack" NOIZZE

"Epic and Extremely bombastic atmosphere in equal parts" BROKEN TOMB

"Existentialist are here to leave some bruises" GBHBL

"Existentialist has a goal here as a band to set the scene alight, they have not only reached that goal but blown it well and truly out of the water" DISTORTED SOUND